Throwing The Hawk

Throwing The Hawk

To begin. stand in front of the target with your back to it. Take between five and seven steps. Turn and face the block. Hold the tomahawk by the end of the handle just as if you were going to chop wood. Throw it just as you would a baseball and it will turn by itself. Do not ‘flip’ your wrist. You do not have to throw it very hard. Stare at where you want the hawk to stick.

The trick is to throw it the same every time. From five to seven steps away, the tomahawk should rotate one turn and stick in the block with the handle pointing down. If it doesn’t stick, you will have to move closer or farther away. If the tomahawk hits the block before it makes one full turn, then move farther away. If it turns more than one turn before it reaches the block, move closer. Put a marker on the ground so you know exactly where you stood when you threw.

throwing hawk

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