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WE need you! Who are the Beavers? We are a group of registered adult scouters who make a difference for your youth at Camp Pico Blanco. WE come from all parts of the Council, from every branch of the Scouting organization, and from all walks of life.

The Beavers have a set schedule of workdays throughout the calendar year. Several of our members attend every work session while some members can only make one or two workdays each year. All are busy with other events in their personal lives and Scouting careers, yet they still find time to make that difference at ISR. The efforts supplied at CPB really do make a difference in the quality of the camping experience for all attending CPB events.

What does a Beaver do?
We do many varied projects including wood chipping, painting, installation and removal of the fish ladder painting signs, building latrines, maintaining camp buildings, routering camp signs, and much more. Much of what Beavers do is not highly visible work, but it is what keeps camp running.

What can I do to help?

Look below at the 2014 project list and work dates. Get a sign up sheet and become an active member!

Beavers activity is not limited to the scheduled work weekends, but those are an important part of our efforts. Beavers would like to see a group of people adopt a project from our list and schedule with Ranger Kevin Walsh to get it done. If you have special talents and would like to head a crew on a project, we would love to hear from you! We have Troops that come down almost every other month and work for a day and camp for free for the weekend as our thank you. Imagine the difference a crew like that can make in a single day.

Any weekend or week day can be a Beaver workday(s). Simply call Ranger Rodney or Stan Crane and let them know your availability. They will let you know what projects are pending and will welcome your assistance. At certain times of the year and most week days, overnight accomodations can be provided. Come on out and get that feeling of accomplishment, then enjoy the camp setting in the evening. There is nothing better than waking up at Pico in the morning!

Cub Scout Leaders, we need you as well. You may never have been out to Camp Pico Blanco, but if your son continues on into Boy Scouts, we bet that you will! Hopefully, your pack will schedule an outing to Pico soon. Wouldn’t it be nice to know you helped in getting the camp ready for when your son gets there? You also get the added benefit of getting to know adult leaders from the Boy Scout ranks that can give you pointers.

Take a look at some of the great projects completed by Pico Blanco Beavers in 2013! CLICK HERE

magbo Invite codes: 8U8VIGPTRP