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Archery Range

At the archery range, the archery merit badge is a popular badge for scouts. Throughout the week, scouts will learn about different types of bows, how to make strings and arrows, how to string a bow, first aid that comes with archery, and how to shoot consistently and accurately. Many skills of the day are offered at archery. Just a few are the card shoot, CD shoot, and the miscellaneous shoot. A favorite of scouts is often the CD shoot, but during the miscellaneous shoot, scouts often have fun making memorabilia to show their friends away from camp what they did. Some popular targets include a shirt, hat and even shoes. The range extends up about 100 yards onto the hill, so please stay on the trails and roads to prevent you from stumbling into the range. In order to determine if the range is clear and it is safe to commence firing, the range master will yell “Is the range clear?” When you hear this, please remain silent, so as not disrupt any no’s that may be said. If your campsite is up the hill from the archery range, also remain silent when this question is asked

Rifle Range

The rifle range is the other half of the shooting sports area. Just a short hike up the hill, scouts can have fun shooting the Savage Mach II’s and the Remington twelve gauges Camp provides. The Rifle Shooting and Shotgun Shooting merit badges are offered at the rifle range. Ammunition is available for purchase in the office. In compliance with the National Boy Scout regulations, Scouts are allowed to shoot the .22 caliber guns at the range. The rifle range also has similar skills of the day to archery, including the three mentioned above and also the spoon shoot. At the shotgun range, a full trap range is set up, and the clay pigeons are provided. During both badges, scouts learn the proper care for the respective guns, and also learn how to shoot with great accuracy. Tuesday and Thursday, at 7:00 PM, the Rifle range offers black powder musket shooting on the house. Shooting Sports is a popular area for younger scouts and older scouts alike, and is one of the most professionally run areas in camp.

magbo Invite codes: 8U8VIGPTRP