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Peek:    at the unspoiled beauty.

Have a peak experience in our program.

Pique your love of the outdoors.

Focus: As you enter Palo Colorado Road, the adventure begins as you turn back the clock to simpler times. You are “off the grid” now. Focus on your senses and listen for the river, smell the flowers, feel the breeze and cool water… Focus. Pico Blanco is not as much a place to “get away” as it is to “get in touch.” Distractions are blocked and clarity is found.


Create: Creating memories for the youth who enjoy Pico Blanco is a second focal point. While we remember the past, we are forwardly focused to help  our campers create new memories and capture those through various artistic means.


Preserve: Appreciate, learn, and practice how we coexist with the beauty of nature around us. During the summer at our organized camps, this is one of the focal points of our curriculum. Campers continue this exploration with hikes and overnight programs.


Our traditional resident summer camp program has three weekly sessions. We pride ourselves on providing staff and activities which challenge and educate all participants from the campers to the leaders. Whether you come for the first session or the last we will be your gracious hosts and help you to achieve the goals you have set with your troop.

CAMP UPDATE 4/26/2017

The Camp opening has been delayed due to the historic rain fall in Big Sur that has caused major road damage to the county road leading to camp. This has led to delays to the scheduled fire damage repairs that are needed to operate a safe camp. Our number one concern is the quality of the program that your youth receive at camp so we regret to inform you that we have canceled summer camp and closed use of camp through 2018.  As soon as road access is restored there are a number of exciting projects scheduled to start including a new kitchen, rifle shed and safety wall, water lines, restroom at pioneer camp, and much more.

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Weekend Events – See the Council webpage and calendar for event updates due to fire and flood

Events that this site offers when in session include: Mom and Me, Boy Scout Shoot Out, Memorial Day Family Camp, Labor Day Family Camp, Lad and Dad and Boy Scout Shoot Out

Year Round Resources

Parking at Camp to Access to the back country – Click Here – BACKCOUNTRY CURRENTLY CLOSED BY THE FOREST SERVICE

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